Much of the success of the design, build and love that I have for my tiny house is due in part to the time I invested in research. Before even beginning my design phase I spent a year and a half, almost two years, researching all there was to know about tiny houses and that effort paid off exponentially in the quality of my build and in ensuring my tiny home works for and meets all my needs.

There’s a lot of information out there about tiny houses, as well as varied opinions, which means researching can become very overwhelming. Trust me, I’ve been there and can relate. With that in mind and remembering my experiences, I’ve partnered with some of the other experts in the movement to design a workshop that provides everything you’ll need to plan, design and build your own tiny home, as well as to prepare you for your tiny house journey.

Our workshop is two full days of educational sessions and is designed as a tiny house basics workshop, with instructors sharing their tiny house expertise and experience with you in a fun and interactive setting. Best practices, lessons learned and personal journeys, shared by tiny house experts, builders, designers, dwellers and advocates.

The workshops are being hosted in several major cities across the U.S. and early bird rates are still available for some locations. Space is limited so be sure to register early. Click the link below for more details and registration information!

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